safe areas and alignment of logo for leading MRP software
MLR Networks

Enabling brand progression for a network solutions company.

Branding | Web Design | Motion Graphics

MLR Networks are an IT infrastructure company based in the North West, offering network solutions and communications across a range of sectors. When MLR reached out to us, they already had a strong company history and reputation, but didn’t have the image that reflected the quality of their business. They were looking to refresh their brand’s identity, along with spreading awareness of the services that they could offer.  During MLR’s brand progression, there were a few elements that had to remain, including colours and the logo. They wanted to progress the overall styling of the original brand, thus helping to create a more cohesive and modern brand feel. Product factsheets, a company website and various motion graphics were created in order to bring the branding up to date and realign with the MLR Network’s vision.  Designed whilst at Lumisi.

Enabling brand progression logo and brand asset
Enabling brand progression ethos quotes
gif of strap-line enabling brand progression
Enabling brand progression business card mockups
gif of icons used in the mlr brand
gif of capabilities factsheets
Enabling brand progression with new factsheets
screenshot of website on blue background
screenshot of website on light blue background
screenshot of website homepage Enabling brand progression
figure in circle with icons behind
robot with matrix style code text behind
hosted voice icon and text on sky background with clouds
cogs turning with man icon
dial turning to -84% Enabling brand progression
10 years of experience banner
outline of house and text reading planning a property... Enabling brand progression
blue background and text reading industry leading technology
text reading reduce floor space and an illustration of a terminal. Enabling brand progression
Enabling brand progression - company capabilities in a circle
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