Marketing Product Launch three social posts
Marketing Product Launch three social posts
ActivHeal AquaFiber Extra Launch

A digital marketing product launch aiming to spread awareness and interest of a new high absorbency dressing.

Branding | Web Design | Motion Graphics

With the recent launch of a new absorbent, high gelling fibre dressing, ActivHeal asked us to create a targeted advertising campaign with the aim to spread awareness of the product and the features that it had. The product out performed all four of the leading competitors on shrinkage, strength and fluid handling.

Wanting to increase the awareness and interest of their latest product, we wanted to make sure we were creating digital marketing content that would entertain and allow the user to interact with the material. We wanted to create a cheeky campaign style using black and white images targeting ActivHeal’s demographic. The initial campaign would pose the question and provide a solution. The second campaign was purely about interaction, with a voucher prize for the winner with the highest score.

Alongside developing a unique web page hub for factsheets and comparison videos. We delivered two successful campaigns through email marketing, newsletters, targeted advertising and content creation. Targeted advertising content, promoted the product via social media, which were promoted heavily in the lead up to valentines day. The audience were encouraged to find their ‘perfect match‘ and compete for prizes.
Designed whilst at Lumisi.

Marketing Product Launch three social posts
Marketing Product Launch social posts campaign
Marketing Product Launch dedicated webpage
Marketing Product Launch valentines day posts
Marketing Product Launch factsheets
Marketing Product Launch leave piece
Marketing Product Launch screenshot cinema 4d
Marketing Product Launch c4d tile spin screenshot
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