safe areas and alignment of logo for leading MRP software
Redthorn MRP

Strengthening the internal and external brand of an industry leading MRP software company.

Branding | Website | Motion Graphics

Redthorn produce MRP software for manufacturing companies, helping them manage a range of production solutions, including capacity planning, sales-order processing and financial analysis. They were looking to strengthen their brand image with updated guidelines and to aid consistency throughout their brand both internally and externally. Visual assets including photography and how the product is represented were considered. The brand needed to appeal to both the industrial and technology sectors. ‘Industry leading software’ was a key focus for the branding process, where visually each action led into the next, mimicking that of a production line process offered by their software. The project led to further creation of marketing material including brochures, factsheets and social media content. Redthorn also wanted to create exhibition materials to promote their software globally which eventually led to partnerships in Australia. Designed whilst at Lumisi.

safe areas and alignment of logo for leading MRP software
logo colour ways for redthorn brand
pantone colours for leading MRP software brand
red overlay image for redthorn
red overlay image for redthorn
fonts used for leading MRP software, basic sans
introduction text for leading MRP software
website screenshots for redthorn
website images for leading MRP software
three website mockups on an iPhone
marketing collateral for leading MRP software
social media template and visuals
exhibition stand image perspective view
exhibition stand image front view
exhibition stand image perspective view
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