Topology synthesiser renders.

Flexing the quads, not the N-gons.

It's always good to work on a few side projects from time to time. I find it ends up solving an issue that arises in another projects. Having a small breather and taking some time away, really does help. I have been diving into the super helpful Greyscale Gorilla tutorials, to help fill in some extra gaps in my C4D knowledge. You always discover a shortcut or way of working that blows your mind. I am prodominetly self taught when it comes to Cinema 4D, so I find that the Greyscale Gorilla tutorials are invaluable. I especially enjoyed the isolating cut section where we talked through the importance of borrowed edge cuts and box cuts and how they work simultaneously providing a great partnership for extruding polygons within geometry. With this cutting technique you can extrude a surface with only two moves.

Working with correct topology results in cleaner renders and better environments for UV textures. My main focus was on creating realistic knobs for the top of the object, inlcuding a indented circle, cut out of the geometry. Adding additional cuts into circular geometry can cause issues, where the onject isn't rounded any longer due to an uneven ammount of segments. I also wanted to work with Arnold's specular textures to add a more used look to it as the synths themselves do collect wear and tear over time. The example topology synthesiser renders are based on one of my favourite analog bass synths, created by Bob Moog. I feel like I've only just scratched the surface with this project, so watch this space. More synthesisers to come.

Topology synthesiser renders lfo
Topology synthesiser renders close up
Topology synthesiser renders cut off