safe areas and alignment of logo for leading MRP software
StatPro - Office Branding

Bold and punchy office branding for a leading analytics software company.

Office Branding | 3D Visualisation

StatPro are a leading provider of portfolio analytics software, with 11 offices across Europe, North America, Africa and Australia, serving 450 clients in 32 countries around the world. With new offices opening globally, we were asked to create the interior office branding inline with one of StatPro’s core products, ’Revolution’ – which is the theme used throughout the office designs. We wanted to capture the bold, punchy branding and portray this across their offices, using a combination of brickwork effects, iconic black and white typography and highly focussed imagery. Each of the doors within the offices are named after famous revolutionary figures. Designed whilst at Lumisi.

interior office branding door artwork in a row
the branded London office reception
branded office separators
interior mock ups for interior office branding
interior mock ups for interior office branding
white brick wall texture for interior office branding
brushed concrete texture for interior office branding
branded Boston office reception
office room with frosted glass
branded meeting rooms for interior office branding
close up of logo mark on door
branded wall art
Roosevelt branded door for interior office branding
revolutionary icons door artwork
revolutionary icons door artwork
Canada office maple leaf branding
abstract door design room 271
Fleming door artwork
New York office with skyline frosting
logo mark close up
New York wall branding in reception
exterior of office in New York interior office branding
robinson and tesla branded doors interior office branding
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